Battle Scars

Taylor had her dressing replaced for the stoma (hole) of her tracheostomy. While looking at it, the care givers told her she would likely have a scar but that she could easily put make up over it. She responded that she wouldn’t mind having a few battle scars and plans to display the spot proudly. A nurse then told a story of another patient who went around explaining her car accident scars as a hippopotamus attack. Taylor is still deciding how she plans to explain her scars.

Taylor and I also had some good conversations about her medicine and how to handle her sleep, or lack thereof, for the last two days. She is back in charge and more or less managing her own affairs, health care wise.

She has also returned to a phrase she used to say all the time when she was a teenager. “Daaaa-ad,” complete with eye role! She is really getting back to her old self more and more each day.


4 thoughts on “Battle Scars

  1. Before I went to seminary I worked for a nonprofit that did a lot of community building exercises, especially as a check-in before starting a meeting. I still remember the meeting where we were asked “what is your favorite scar?” This question evokes rich sharing for many people, I think in part because it is a strange pairing to ask us to talk about our “favorite” scars – we tend to focus on the scariness of the harm or wound, rather than the healing that is also part of the story of every one of our scars. I am always glad to know more about how you are healing, Taylor. Love and courage to you and your family.

  2. Taylor I am so thrilled to hear of the progress you have made. You display amazing strength and courage. I think of you often and send love and healing energy to you and all the family.

  3. Wow, John…I just can’t believe the progress Taylor has made in just two months. Please tell her I think she should use the “I got bitten by a hippo” explanation for her battle scars.

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