Taylor reminds me of her grandfather, my dad, who always had a great time being funny when he was in the hospital or severely ill.

When I told her about the video of her walking she asked me to play it for her. When I did she commented that instead of the soft piano music we used for the background music, we should have used the theme from Rocky.

She also pointed out that she does like to “box” with me. Her version of boxing is put on her mean face, to make fists, and flail her arms about saying “pow pow.” I said once that she looks very cute when she does this. She responded that she does NOT look cute, she looks “MENACING!”

All of this is great fun and the result of Taylor having a great attitude. Considering the hand she has to play it continues to amaze me how she manages to have so much fun. I can literally count on one hand the number of times she has really been down.

3 thoughts on “Menacing

  1. AHH TAYLOR. You are precious as always.
    Speaking of music… is there any way I can send you a playlist of music I think you’d like? I love reading about how you’re doing and hopefully me and a couple other Prestige Worldwide colleagues can come up and visit you soon.
    Love and miss you!

  2. That’s great Taylor. You should create an entire playlist that you can listen to depending on how you’re feeling. It could have a mix of classics like the Rocky song, and new trendy music.

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